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Company profile


Company name Sanshin Metal Working Co., Ltd.
Capitalization 38 million yen
President Hiromasa Arai
Founded November, 1964
Annual Sales 28,100 million yen (Sep.2023)
Employees 656 (Sep.2023)
Address 2-5-20 Niihama, Tadaoka-cho, Senboku-gun, Osaka 595-0814 JAPAN

Product Brands

Electric mobile racks
Handle-operated mobile racks
Hand-operated racks
Steel racks (Light, Light-Medium, Medium and Heavy Duty)
Pallet racks
Multi-story automated warehouses
Warehouse management systems
Photovoltaic mount
Grating floor
Stacked racks and shaped steel racks
Forming components
Multi-story parking lots
Multi-story bicycle parking lots
Laboratory and research equipment
Plant factory system

Business Results

Business Results

Quality Management / Certifications

ISO9001 Registration Number: JQA-QM4161
Registered Facilities: Main Factory and Fukushima Factory
ISO14001 Registration Number: JQA-EM1339
Registered Facilities: Main Factory and Fukushima Factory
Certification Authority Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
Privacy Mark Recognition number : 20001520(01)
Recognized Organization:JIPDEC(Japan Information Processing Development Corporation)Proof of construction that operation system of protects the individual information

Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) Certifications

Steel library / steel rack JIS S 1039 Steel library shelf / Steel rack Approval Number 0507080

M grade factory evaluation

Factory evaluation "M grade" by minister Evaluation Number : TFBM-120221
Authorized Factory : Fukushima Factory
Evaluation Organization : Japan Steel-rib
Fabrication Association


First-class architect office Osaka registration No.18690
Fukuoka registration No.1-40171
Fukushima registration No.12(210)0797
Tokyo registration No.61375

Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Specific construction business (S-14) No.15881
(Construction / Steel structures / Interior finishing)
Specific construction business (S-16) No.15881
(Scaffolding / Civil engineering)
General construction business (G-14) No.15881
(Machine equipment installation / Pipe installation / Telecommunications)
General construction business (G-13) No.15881
(Electrical work)
Real estate profession license Osaka governor (1) No.50074
Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport certified (self-propelled car garage) 1 section 2 story Parking Lots HARDY PARK "PION II-1" Approval No.TPPG-9033
2 section 3 story Parking Lots HARDY PARK "PION III-1" Approval No.TPPG-9034
2 section 3 story Parking Lots HARDY PARK "PION III" Approval No.TPPG-9035
3 section 4 story Parking Lots HARDY PARK "PION IV" Approval No.TPPG9036
4 section 5 story Parking Lots HARDY PARK "PION V" Approval No.NFEN-0927